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i'm so confused, i don't even do anything

I am beyond exhausted with everything

i need a wing person

The bank is open!!!

I have just witnessed the most terrifying thing...

A poem by @_kygates, @__maexo, @willowfeyth, @nbarnes9, @BeeeMOe, and a robot.

7 minutes of unnecessary panic.

There's a thin line between petty and pathetic

Date someone who will date you

If only she knew

The bass from the speakers help my back. Supersonic

Her pussy too good I could never get bored

no double today actually thank the lord🏾🏾

I care less and less each day.

Dansby hit well today

I get real pissed when my phone calls are ignored.

Bout time we have a Game 7

Celtics wore black for a reason

lets explore the unknown


Tears are words that need to be written.

That's all I think about. I can't help it

Does Brad Stevens own any clothes that fit?

They ate all the cake!!!

the night is ours to take

Boston has to hurry up and end this shit

chase a C never chase a B

Everlasting Song - Brandon Bee


I want my hair back

I know what my first caption gone be

I miss my man and I know he is missing me too

I Got The Celtics Winning By A Game Winning 2

Jesus you're all I want

@ max's restaurant

So disappointed in everything you turned into

The owls are not what they seem. 9 Days

God, please forgive me for my ways

Heading to condo

Big Sean - jump out the window

Brad stevens drawing some good ass plays

Harden still shaking back from going out last night

Washington is showing a lot of heart tonight

This game might go to OT

This weekend gone be a lot

dad: *sneezes* me: "bless you" dad: "shut up" me: "alright"

All my feelings on fire.. Guess I'm a bad liar.

its a damn shame how narrow minded people are...

This is devastating.

Payday is a blessing

Celtics really showed up in funeral attire.

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